Nathan Schreer
The Man Behind The Curtain

Greetings! My name is Nathan Schreer, a senior Music Education major, and I AM the man behind the curtain. This is my third year in Hodgson Singers and my second year working as President of UGA’s Choral Association and I’ve loved every second of it (though I plan on passing the torch very soon…) I love to read, cook, and make stained glass. I did tap for 11 years, but I don’t talk about that much. And I’m REALLY organized. Like ridiculously organized. It’s a bit of a problem, but it definitely helped get me here and I am very excited to be able to help put together what looks to be one of the best European Tours I have ever been on! Baden bei vein here we come!

Dinesh Gurpur
The Freddie Mercury

Hi, I’m Dinesh Gurpur. I’m a second-year student in Music Performance & Music Education at the University of Georgia. I was born and rasied in the exotic land of Cumming, Georgia. My voice part is first tenor, which means that I sing girl notes. I want to grow up to be a superhero called ii6. If you understood that joke, thank a music teacher. This will be my first time abroad since the wee age of six, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this experience with some of the swellest folks around. Go Choir. Go Dawgs.

Theresa Chafin

Greetings! I, Theresa, am a three-year veteran of the Hodgson Singers, and recently achieved candidacy in my pursuit of a PhD in musicology. (Though passing comps and orals sounds final, don’t get too excited—I’ve just won the opportunity to write a dissertation!) I have been committed to quality choral performance since first joining my 4- and 5-year-old church choir at the age of two and a half. I am working toward a “Beauty and the Beast”-scale home library, have one elbow that bends backward at an alarming angle, tend to be successful shopping at yard sales, and am allergic to artificial cinnamon flavoring. I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few of my fellow singers as a writing coach for music history classes, and I’m especially proud that so many of them have been awarded admission to graduate programs this year. Go Dawgs!

Mary Martha Clark
Grammar Queen

Hello, I’m Mary Martha Clark! I graduated from the University of Georgia in May with degrees in Statistics and Music. My major instrument is voice and I concentrated my degree in performance. After the tour, I will be working as a Research Analyst Intern with a healthcare consulting group in the Atlanta area. I plan to attend business school in the next few years, but will always continue to sing in church and plan to audition for professional choirs and opera choruses in the future. I once ran a food blog when I studied in Italy in 2012, and I look forward to sampling new Austrian and Czech dishes as I sing with my favorite choir through Europe!

Placeholder_male_superhero_c Henry Adams
Frog Guru

Hi there! I’m Henry Adams, I’m a third-year student at the University of Georgia, double majoring in Ecology and Music, and I have been in the Hodgson Singers for a thrilling year and a half. Singing with this choir has been on the most reward experiences, and I can’t think of a better way to spend ten days of my summer than touring with some of the best musicians and friends that I have ever known. The sights, the sounds, the food, everything, is bound to be absolutely fantastic. Look out, Europe, here we come!

Katie Black
The Other Real Housewife of Atlanta

Hello friends! I am Katie Black, a rising senior studying Voice Performance and Music Business at the University of Georgia. Hodgson Singers has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my college experience for the past 3 years, so as a choir, I hope we project our passion to our audiences in EUUUUUROPE(a la Oprah)! Speaking of… this is my second summer in a row visiting Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, and Baden. I’m looking forward to experiencing these cities with new people and under new, exciting circumstances. I am most excited about returning to Salzburg, where I spent a month singing at a young artist program last summer. The city is small, but packed with excitement- kind of like me! I can’t wait for our readers to experience our travels through this blog, and I look forward to sharing my personal experiences with you!

Avery Draut
Resident Squirrel Observer

Greetings! I’m Avery, a fifth year Hodgson Singer member! I delight in welcoming stray cats into my home, watching squirrels for many minutes, and consuming the Eighth Wonder of the World, which is Trader Joe’s Parmesan/Gouda blend block cheese. I am absolutely ecstatic to be traveling to Europe with my favorite group of singing humans, where I will surely encounter even more magical cheeses! I’ll be documenting our revelries through the lens, so keep a look out for riveting daily photo updates!

Olivia Greene
Lead Singer of Destiny’s Child

Hello! My name is Olivia Sue Greene. I am left-handed and my favorite color is gold. I have a hound dog named Susan Sarandon, but I call her Susie for short. Also, I love singing in choir. I have had a passion for performing since my breakout role as the Little Bunny in my 1st grade production of “The Sky is Falling, Little Bunny!”. Having just graduated with a degree in Music Education and Voice Performance from UGA, I am looking forward to continuing my education at Westminster Choir College. There, I will be (because I apparently didn’t learn my lesson) pursuing another double degree, being a masters in Voice Performance and Voice Pedagogy. This is my last big adventure with the Hodgson Singers after spending five lovely years singing with these beautiful people!

Melody Hine
Princess Consuela Banannahammock

Well, hello, my presumably non-feline friend. I’m Melody, and I’ve just finished my junior year of my Music Education degree at UGA. Yes, I’ve probably heard every melody-related name joke you just conjured. I’ve been in Hodgson Singers for all three years of my college career, and I can’t wait to create meowsical masterpieces together overseas before beginning my final semester with this incredible group.

Mugdha Joshi

Hello world! My name is Mugdha Joshi. I just finished my second year at UGA studying Cellular Biology and Anthropology, which seems like it has nothing at all to do with music but actually has everything to do with music Outside of singing my passions include trying new foods, taking naps, collecting things, making friends, and learning how to count to 10 in different languages (so far I have 7). Hopefully by the end of this tour I will have tasted a few new foods, acquired some Czech coins for my collection, and learned to count to 10 in at least one more language. Wish me luck!

Jenna Livsey
Stone Cold Fox

Hello there! I am Jenna Rae Livsey, and I am a senior Music Therapy major at the University of Georgia about to embark on a crazy journey to Williamsburg, Virginia to start an internship at Eastern State Hospital. Some of my most favorite things in life include elephants, bagels, imitating accents, and making a fool of myself in public. I have had the pleasure of singing with the Hodgson Singers for three years now, and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life (besides that one time I tried eggs mixed with goat cheese at Mama’s Boy). This is my first time in Europe, and I am THRILLED to have this experience and share it with my crazy, weird, freaky best friends (AKA: the Hodgson Singers)!

Amanda McKenzie
Fun-Sized Travel Wizard

Bonjour mes amis! Oh wait… German. I swear I know where we’re going! My name is Amanda McKenzie and I am a travel enthusiast and musician! I am a third year at the finest university in the land here to study music therapy and voice. When I grow up I want to set foot on every continent in the world. This has been my first (INCREDIBLE) year performing with the Hodgson Singers and I could not be more thrilled for the opportunity to take our magical music makin’ overseas! And eat food. LOTS of food. Auf Wiedersehen and GO DAWGS!

Jake Moskowitz

Hi, I’m Jake! I’m 22 years old, and I like to sing, watch movies, and drink coffee. I plan to graduate this summer with degrees in cognitive science and anthropology. After graduating, I (along with my turtle) am headed to the University of California, Irvine to earn my PhD in Psychology and Social Behavior.


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