Thoughtful Nothings

“Mmmmmm. Fried meats. Mmmmm. Wine. Mmmmmmmm. Dinner.”
Caleb Hopkins

Stephanie: “Maybe I hate being on this plane.”
David: “Yeah, planes are kinda scary. We don’t belong in plastic tubes.”

“We have all had an incredible time on this trip. Some more than others. Ahem, Gary.”
Katie Black

“I usually hardcore judge the instrumentalists performing for us, whether on the streets or in restaurants. It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t worth it. It’s music! That’s why we’re all here, right? I mean, the terrible technique of the violinist at the first restaurant doesn’t matter that much, does it…?”
Esther Tonea

“We cry too much.”
Mary Martha Clark

“Some stories should not be shared. And should also be shortened.”
McCall Stiles

“Theresa ist Maria Theresia”
Evan “the dogfight” Tyor

“Caleb might be a troll.
I’m not sure…”
Evan-tinto Tyor


“Definitely not the best “Crying In A Meadow” I’ve ever been to, but also definitely not the worst.”
Laura Leigh Beall

“And then I saw someone from Coro Siamo. And then I said hello. Then I left.”
Brian W. Lustig

“Dr. Bara, you are the reason why we are the family we are today.”
Bryan Rante

“dear jenna: you’re hot.”

“This trip has HANDS DOWN been the best experience of my life thus far.”
Christopher Robin Sapp

“Never have I known so many beautiful souls to be gathered together in one group.”
Andrew Rabanal

“Of all the trips I’ve been on in my life, this was one of them. But in all seriousness, this was truly an incredible experience, and I wouldn’t trade my time in Europe with my forty-some-odd closest friends for anything in the world.”
J.R. Hodges

“This group has been one of the pinnacles of my life. As cheesy as it was, orur hearts beat the same rhythm during that music. Together we made music bigger than us and fostered friendships because of it. This trip has been the best experience of my life. I will miss all of you so deeply and dearly, you are some of the greatest and most talented human beings I have ever known. All the love in the world to all of you.”
David Conley

“Being a member of the Hodgson Singers for the past four years has no doubt been the most wonderful and rewarding experience of my entire life. I could not have asked for a better way to end my senior year than with this incredible journey we have been on for the past ten days. This tour has provided me with so many memories that I will truly cherish forever.”
Emily Skilling

“Together our breath rises and falls together, our voices soar in flock, our hearts love as one. Together, we form a single entity; not a machine, but a living, breathing organism, unified through our love of music and each other. Though some remain and some must leave us, off to harvest the fruits of their talent and hard work, we will forever be connected. This journey has proven this fact to be truer than ever. We are the Hodgson Singers.”
Henry Adams

“This elevator is small, but slow. It’s kind of like saying ‘her voice is small, but ugly’.”
Dr. Burnett

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” to Dr. Burnett’s comment
Olivia Greene

“Today is Beverly Sills birthday… so… bless”
Katie Black

“I’m gonna crawl under the table and scare Avery. This is gonna be weird. Katie, ignore me. I’m not coming for you.”
David Conley

“You know its actually pretty depressing that there will be so many people leaving the choir next year, but this night has made me realize that even though they’re leaving the memories we’ve made together will stay with us all forever.”
Cameron Stahl