The UGA Hodgson Singers embarked on their European Tour on May 17, 2014.

Under the direction of Dr. Daniel Bara, the Hodgson Singers will present a wide variety of musical selections for their audiences across Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria. This tour will culminate with the 2014 Ave Verum International Choral Competition in Baden, Austria. As the University of Georgia’s premier choral ensemble, the Hodgson Singers are among only ten choirs in the world selected for this prestigious competition.

The Hodgson Singers are comprised entirely of students, ranging from the undergraduate to doctoral levels of study and representing every major from Choral Conducting to Computational Chemistry. The 40-48 member Hodgson Singers was formed by E. Pierce Arant Jr. in the late 1970’s and serves as the ambassadorial choral ensemble of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia. Comprising UGA’s most gifted and talented vocalists, membership in the Hodgson Singers is contingent upon absolute excellence in musicianship, vocal artistry, and dedication. This ensemble provides vibrant, pre-professional ensemble training for the next generation of qualified singers, choral music educators, and talented choral enthusiasts and performs noteworthy choral repertoire from throughout the Western Music canon, with emphasis on unaccompanied works, recently composed works, and baroque and classical masterworks.


Stephanie Bacastow
Laura Leigh Beall
Katie Black
Collette Bryan
Mary Martha Clark
Olivia Greene
Jenna Livsey
Erin McCollum
Joy Meade
Esther Tonea
Perry Wright


Ben Boskoff
Dinesh Gurpur
Jackson Hodges
Hunter Hulsey
Brian Lustig
Zach Matteen
Christopher Sapp
Nathan Schreer
Justin Sheffield
Cameron Stahl
Walter Turner


Rebekah Anders
Hannah Campbell
Theresa Chafin
Avery Draut
Melody Hine
Amy Huang
Mugdha Joshi
Amanda McKenzie
Jackie Ryback
Emily Skilling
McCall Stiles
Rachel Strain


Henry Adams
David Conley
Caleb Hopkins
Jake Moskowitz
Andrew Rabanal
Bryan Rante
Joey Ripley
Russell Scott
Tyler Stampe
Evan Tyor
Gary Weed


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