There and Back

Today I sang in my last Hodgson Singers concert. We sang in the Chapel of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

I very clearly remember the first time I sang with the Hodgson Singers under Dr. Bara. I was a sophomore, and I was scared out of my mind (mostly of Dr. Bara. He was new and he made us all audition and I was supposed to dress nice for it but then it rained so I showed up soaking wet in gym shorts and an old t-shirt to sing for him and I just knew he thought I was super lame)

Dr. Bara, if you are reading this. Sorry about that.

Today I sat in the very center of the choir, and I wept for what that really embarrassing audition turned into. (and when I say wept, I mean WEPT. Never have I ever been a concert crier but today I certainly went above and beyond. At one point, I am pretty sure that Dr. Bara noticed my blubbering ugly-cry face in between songs, and probably made the same expression he did when my raggedy self walked in trying to audition for his choir)

Dr. Bara, sorry about that one too.

From the moment we uttered our first notes as a choir, my eyes widened with the excitement of the beautiful things to come. But, I truly had no idea what was in store for me.

This choir has grown from a young, beginning choir into one whose artistry has won the grand prize of an international competition. We did it in only four years, and I have been there for it all.

Remember that one time I talked about flowers? (If you didn’t go back and read my last post)

In choir, the process of getting singers to collectively delve into their souls to explore the realm of absolute artistry is like a blooming flower. The gardener plants the seeds in the potting soil and gives it water and food and then the gardener just lets the flower grow. If the gardener makes the light accessible then the flower will grow to the light, even in adversity.

Through all of the ups and downs, this choir has found the light. That light has consequently brought so much to each of our lives. For me, as a hopeful music educator and life long choir singer, I have learned what it takes to create something beautiful, from tone and color to blend and balance to phrasing and diction. Most importantly I learned how to tell stories and paint pictures with a choir, and will forever strive to achieve this musical and artistic excellence in my future endeavors. It has also taught me how to trust the people around me, and in turn to be a person that they can trust with their ideas, voices, and emotions.

I could continue on forever, but then you would stop reading

I am indescribably grateful for what this choir has done for me both as a singer, musician, and person. I could not have wished for a better experience these past four years.

Singer friends: I love you very much. You will all be dearly missed.

Dr. Bara: we all love you. Thank you for showing us the light.

 Olivia Sue Green

Olivia S. Greene


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