Obligatory “I See Dead People” Quote

This morning when we woke up we were all still floored at the memory of winning the Ave Verum Grand Prix yesterday. I definitely woke up feeling as though it must have been a dream. Of course, having to get all of our possessions together so we could leave the hotel by 8:00am was a rather excellent tactic for bringing us back to reality.

This morning struggle was not without benefit, however!

The bus took us (with most of the choir falling asleep on the way there…) to the Central Cemetery where several musicians have ornate tombstones erected in their honor, such as Strauss and Beethoven. This was quite the incredible experience, and what was particularly interesting about wandering around this cemetery was that it is not a somber setting as it would be in America. As our tour guide Susanna pointed out, the cemetery in Vienna focused much more on the architecture and aesthetic appeal of the tombstones than one would in America. This creates more of an admiring tone rather than a mourning one.

I don’t think I heard anyone once say “I see dead people,” though, which is slightly disappointing. Perhaps I will get over it since I am in Vienna, Austria.

Melody Hine

Melody Hine


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