Zac Efron Told Us to Get Our Heads in the Game and Now They Are


And rather than getting a break for our excellent hard work, it is time to really get our heads in the game. This morning we were up bright and early at 8:30am for another rehearsal, because we had yet another performance in the beautiful city of Baden. This time, we gathered in front of the theater on the steps of the Baden Theaterplatz, surrounded by cameras and singers to showcase the talents of the competing choirs as well as several choirs in the area. It was incredible to get to perform for all the competitors in a non-competition setting and to get to watch them in return. Each choir was super supportive of all the others, applauding and giving words of encouragement.

What was really cool about this performance was that there was a small break in between some choirs in which a man stood up in front of the crowd and taught an Austrian yodeling song in four parts. This was something that was entirely nonsense lyrics, almost like scatting, and the Austrian choirs all already knew it and seemed excited to share it with groups from other countries. Several of us were “yodeling” for the rest of the day with this song stuck in our heads. Of course I had no complaints on this particular subject.

At this point, we will have some free time for lunch and then another rehearsal before we compete in the finals round of the Ave Verum competition. I love my fellow choir mates more than ever, and I can’t wait to take the stage with them in just a few hours!

Sic ‘em, dawgs! (Or something like that. I don’t do that cheer.)

Melody Hine

Melody Hine


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