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So let me tell you guys what just happened. We heard the words, “And the super gold, first place prize goes to… THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HODGSON SINGERS.” And we all died. And cried. And died. And cried some more. Then we realized that it wasn’t over…we hadn’t heard the awards for the second part of the competition. Feeling robbed, we listened to the hosts. I was holding Hannah’s hand so tightly that I’m sure she stopped feeling it. Then we finally heard them say, “And the Grand Prix award goes to… THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HODGSON SINGERS.” Now we knew we had won. WE WON THE WHOLE THING. We jumped out of our seats and hugged all our neighbors. We still can’t really believe it.

I honestly can’t even begin to explain what just happened. Thinking about how hard we have worked for this moment, and how many people put so much time and effort into making this a possibility is overwhelming. We get to go back to Georgia and tell all these people that we won. It was worth all of the time, the tears, and the untamable heartbeat while sitting in our seats at the awards ceremony.

After they announced us as the winners, we all ran onto the stage to sing one last time. Dr. Bara handed me the fragile glass trophy as we were lining up, and I almost couldn’t handle the pressure of holding the thing. We sang as tears were running down are faces, noses dripping, and still quivering with apprehension. Naturally, it wasn’t the best performance we have ever had, but it was full of heart. And I believe that is what won us this competition.

I don’t think I have ever heard a choir sing with more emotion. We believe in what we are singing, pour our souls into the music, and allow it to be a part of us. We love each other and we love choir. That is what brought us this far, and we don’t have enough thank yous in the world to express our appreciation to all our supporters back in Georgia. I just want all our readers to know that we love you all and we wouldn’t be here without you. We all won it together! GO DAWGS!

Jenna Livsey
Jenna Livsey


One thought on “WE FREAKIN’ WON

  1. You guys have more heart and talent than I can say. Congratulations on your amazing, incredible, fantastic achievement! ! Thank you for making a mom so happy. Go Dawgs!

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