May the Odds Be Ever In Our Favor

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Today was a very exciting day for the Hodgson Singers as we finished competing in the final round of the competition, alongside four other amazing choirs. We were very much looking forward to our set because it was comprised of five songs that are especially close to all of our hearts. For our readers who are loyal concert goers– we sang Vere Languores Nostros, Salve Regina, Nyon Nyon, I’ve Been in the Storm So Long, and Unclouded Day.

In our pre-concert rehearsals, we sounded better than ever; I think it showed on stage today. There were so many moments of musical bliss. The details were all there, carefully woven. Avery and Joy’s solos were simply spectacular. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I get to be a part of this amazing choir and make the music that we make. The power that our choir brings to the stage with us lies in our expressiveness. Whether we are singing of longing or sheer joy, we try to draw from our souls and sing from the hearts. That is what we did today. Our performance was not perfect. We made mistakes, but at the end of it all we walked of that stage enjoying the thunderous applause as a team. I am personally very proud of our choir for the way that we have grown as a collective. I’m proud that we are able to move past mistakes with poise and come together to celebrate our successes.

Today’s performances really made me appreciate the incredible art that people can produce when they come together. Watching the other choirs was an absolute privilege. I could see in their work the same amount of focus and dedication to details and expression and a common love of music and singing. Whatever happens today at 6:30, I feel like we put our best foot forward. May the odds be ever in our favor.

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha Joshi


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