The Plot Thickens

Another long day began with extreme hair makeovers, continued through both rehearsal and competition, and culminated with Hodgson performing in another concert in yet another stunningly beautiful church.  Of course at this point we had already heard that we had made it into the next round (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) and spent several minutes hugging and screaming at any UGA singer we saw on the street.  Because of this incredibly good news I think we took our rehearsal as well as our performance to a different level, which always astounds me because really we’re quite good already.

When we walked into the new space for our evening concert there were several things that could have inhibited our performance.  First of all, we had recently eaten, and I personally was feeling the effects of a behemoth-sized container of orange juice sloshing around my vocal cords.  We also were singing in a new space that proved to be somewhat cramped–I’m sure as we were taking our places facing the audience we were all wondering how we were going to do the slanting illusionist move when we were already shoulder to shoulder.

… But our energy could not be deteriorated by these petty details!

As a choir it seemed that we were filled with a newfound energy at the prospect of getting to compete again tomorrow, and I think this was evident in all three of the pieces we sang: Christus Est Natus, I’ve Been in the Storm So Long, and Nyon Nyon.  The solo by Avery Draut had a particular fervor and passion, as did Nyon Nyon.  It was ridiculously easy to get into the pieces tonight, partially because of our excitement and partially because of the energy we were receiving from the audience.  Their applause certainly felt authentic as we were leaving the cathedral, each of us beaming with pride.

Time to get the hairspray out of my hair and do it all over again tomorrow! The adventure continues!

Melody Hine
Melody Hine


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