Breakfast at Schloss Weikersdorf


Today. Today is the day. We have been preparing for this day for almost a year and I honestly cannot believe it’s finally here! This afternoon the Hodgson Singers will compete to move on to the final round as one of five choirs in the Grand Prix round. We are going up against choirs from literally all over the world, from the Philippines, to Alabama, to right up the road in Vienna.

I’m nervous. This trip has been incredible. This morning we woke up in a castle and had fresh fruit on the porch for breakfast. Like is this real life? Who gets to do this? But now it’s time to remember why we are here. We have put blood (sooo many papercuts), sweat (who knew it was HOT in Austria?!), and tears (come on, have you HEARD Crucem Tuam? ) into preparing for this competition and by 5 o’clock (Austria time) we will know if the judges saw in us what we see in each other.

Regardless of what happens to us in this competition, I am so honored to have been able to share so many beautiful stages with this group of people. Anyone who has heard us perform knows how much work we have put into everything we do.

This is it, guys. Let’s go out there and give it our all!

 Amanda McKenzie
Amanda McKenzie


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