Pre-Competition Party


We made it to Baden! And WOW. We are sleeping in a castle surrounded by beautiful gardens AND we were greeted by a parade. The German a cappella group, “Greg is Back” was our entertainment for the evening. We of course were all asking, “Where the heck was Greg? Where did he come back from?” I learned just a few minutes ago that Greg was only ever in the bathroom and then came back, so I guess there was never any need to panic about poor old Greg (I was secretly kind of hoping he had gotten lost in some exciting rainforest or was a spy on a mission in another country…but whatever. I guess the bathroom can be okay, too). It was easy to forget about these unanswered questions though, because the music and the voices were amazing.

My favorite part of the concert was acting like a fool in the audience with my fellow Hodgson Singers; not caring about how other people were surely talking about our terrible dancing. It is wonderful having people to simply enjoy being happy with.

We decided to all walk back to the hotel after the concert and skip out on the fireworks, but lucky for us, we were able to catch a glimpse through the trees. Fireworks are way more exciting in Baden as they are surrounded by the sounds of rushing water and crickets, accompanied by flowers every which way, and shared with fifty of your best friends. Now…off to get some sleep before our big day tomorrow in the Ave Verum International Competition!

Jenna Livsey
Jenna Livsey


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