A Final Hurrah in Salzburg!


From singing in the Dome, to touring the Fortress, to wandering the streets, würst in-hand, we have truly experienced Salzburg in the past two days. A group of us decided to have a traditional Austrian dinner for our last meal in the city, and we shared our favorite experiences with each other while we dined on schnitzel and spätzle. After recounting our many incredible experiences, we decided to drop out of school and move here for good.

Just kidding, mom.

In all honesty, this is the most welcoming and comfortable European city I’ve ever visited. Following dinner, we walked to the Salzsach (the river that runs through the city) to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Old Town at night, and we all found ourselves feeling very reluctant to leave. At the river, we chatted with a group of students who attend the Universität Salzburg, and after hearing about the 8 months of bitter cold weather and many feet of snow they had experienced this winter , I remembered how much Athens has going for it… Go Dawgs!

So, Salzburg, it has been incredible. I’ll miss you very much, and I promise I’ll see you soon.

Next stop: Baden!

Katie Black

Katie Black


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