The Sounds of Our Music


The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorite movies. At this point I cannot remember how many times I have seen it. I grew up with those characters and I grew up with those songs, so I am beyond thrilled to be in the city where it all happened. During our 6 hour bus ride from Prague to Salzburg today, our tour guide, Klara, surprised us by bringing The Sound of Music for us to watch on the bus. So many of us have imagined singing in these hills since before we can remember, and it definitely served to get us excited about our trip.

Watching that movie was the perfect introduction to Salzburg. I rejoiced in some of my favorite things, I thought back to being 16 going on 17, and when the Alps began peaking up on the horizon I felt the hills truly were alive with the sound of music. As part of our walking tour today, we went to the Mirabelle gardens where the “Do, a Deer” song was shot. We also took a bus ride over to a picturesque lake with the mountains peering up behind the trees where we saw the house that was used to shoot all the outdoor scenes from the movie, including the scene where the children and Maria appear in a boat on the lake and end up falling out due to their excitement at the Captain’s return.

That movie means so much to me. There was a scene where the Captain had just dismissed Maria but was then so taken by the fact that his children were singing that he swallowed his words and asked her to stay because she had “brought music back into his home”. The movie is about a lot of things. It is a story about a family, it is a portrait of Austria before World War II, it is a beautiful exposition of the city of Salzburg, and most significantly it is a tale of how music can bring people together. Today in Salzburg I got to experience some of the magic of that movie. I look forward to tomorrow when we will have the privilege of sharing the sounds of our music with the people in this special place.

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha Joshi


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