Sharing Songs with Our Lady Before Týn


This is a city shrouded in countless myths and legends from its thousand years of history. Streets are paved with cobblestones. Long shadows stretch from glowing lanterns. The wind dances through the colored leaves and the dark outlines of the Gothic cathedrals.

This is my first journey out of the United States, and therefore my first experience breathing in the history before the late 18th century. I have set my feet on the trail of Prague’s mythical inhabitants and creatures, and set my eyes on such unusual wonders, which make up the unique character of this city.

Its distinctive twin Gothic spires make the Church of Our Lady Before Týn an unmistakable Old Town landmark in Prague. Like something out of a 15th-century fairy tale, they loom over the Old Town Square, decorated with a golden image of the Virgin Mary.
The Hodgson Singers gave a performance in the Church of Our Lady Before Týn. We sang music spanning many centuries and of many cultures. Our audience was as diverse, including citizens of many nations and speakers of many languages. Also listening were the saints across the walls and windows, golden cherubs hanging from the columns, and celebrated figures from their crypts lying under the stone floor. As we sang, I was touched to suddenly realize that I was experiencing one of the most beautiful purpose of music.

Music brings people together in a way that transcends both language and time. It was music that brought us to these extraordinary lands, and through our songs we are sharing our souls with people across language barriers and cultural divides. It was music that also allowed us to connect to our past, and live inside a different time.

How fortunate we all are to have this privilege.

Olivia Sue Green

Olivia S. Greene


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