Salzburg Dreamin’


When I first got off the bus in Salzburg today, I heard so many voices say, “I already know this is going to be my favorite city,” or “I had a feeling I would really love this place.” And I have to say that I agree. There is something about being surrounded by mountains (the Alps, in this case) and historical architecture that makes you immediately fall in love with a place.

We began our Salzburg journey with a walking tour of the city. Being the intelligent, cultured musical enthusiasts that we are, we were all awaiting our trip to Mozart’s birth house. It absolutely lived up to my expectations, as I found myself constantly saying in my head, “Wow, this is the violin that Mozart actually touched,” and “Wow, Mozart was literally BORN in this room.”

But the rest of the city was simply amazing. Seeing the cathedral we will be singing in tomorrow was so exciting because it was so beautiful, and walking through St. Peter’s Cemetery gave me goose bumps. Also being able to see a fortress high above you from whenever you are is pretty incredible… do we even have fortresses in America? Now that today is over, I am hearing voices say “I’m probably going to move here soon,” and “I never want to leave.”

Jenna Livsey

Jenna Livsey


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