Miley Cyrus Said It Was All About the Climb and Then It Was


I think we all could say that Monday in Prague was a pretty grand adventure that should be the feature of Disney’s next film. Several of us did not end up being able to see Don Giovanni, so we decided to put together our own outing. This began in the Old Town Square where we visited the market stalls for for any kind of Czech food we could get on a stick. We brought these goodies to the astronomic clock around the corner and were able to watch the figures move as the clock chimed 6 pm, which was similar to a cuckoo bird popping out of a clock if the cuckoo bird was actually a bunch of old guys looking out the window and shaking their animatronic heads at us.

Next we took off to find the monastery that evidently also contained a nice restaurant. Though we had some idea of how to get there and what stops to recognize from the tram and metro, we still ended up having to ask for directions basically the entire way there. We did end up finally finding the place, and the atmosphere was somewhat similar to the Czech restaurant where we dined the previous night as a giant group. The waiter was incredibly accommodating and was able to split all of our checks (Czechs, ha) despite that not being a custom nor a simple task. I think each of us ended up ordering a traditional Czech dish off the menu, and everyone was very satisfied.

After dinner we elected to take a walk around the garden path near the restaurant. This seemed like the greenery might be the main event of this particular part of the outing, but along the way we discovered the location of the Petřín Lookout Tower, to which Klara had fondly referred as the “Czech Eiffel Tower”. A few of us decided to attempt the climb, though one choirmate revealed with excellently horrible timing that he has a fear of heights. Regardless, we defeated the 307-step (63.5 meters) climb and reached the top of the tower to discover that the reward was well worth the effort. We could spot several of the places we had been that day, including Prague Castle and the Old Town Square, and by some stroke of luck we had arrived right before the sun was setting. The whole sight made it clear that every romantic comedy should end during a sunset in Prague on top of the Czech Eiffel Tower, though I’m not entirely sure how you would fit that into every story line.

We were incredibly exhausted by the time we made it back to the hotel after this quest, but of course none of us was dissatisfied or lacking in photos to share. I can’t wait to see what we encounter during our stay in Salzburg!

Melody Hine

Melody Hine


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