Impromptu in Praha


You know that feeling you sometimes get when you are either listening to live music or performing and everything is beautiful and perfect? Imagine having that feeling in a magnificent cathedral that is older than the country you’re from. During this tour we have several concerts scheduled outside of our competition days but this morning wasn’t originally on the agenda. While walking around St. Vitus’s Cathedral in the Prague Castle with our mouths hanging open, we all gathered in the middle of the Cathedral in between two beautiful stained glass windows and sent a whisper through the line that we were going to sing!

The wonderful thing about impromptu concerts to me is watching the reaction of the crowd as 45 college students in jeans assemble and suddenly create some beautiful music. One minute we’re milling around with all of our fellow tourists and the next they’re our audience! I personally don’t think I’ve ever felt so famous. The amount of cameras, guys…

Moral of the story: if you ever happen to be in the Prague Castle with forty of your friends who happen to be excellent singers and know Vere Languores Nostros, you should give an impromptu concert. I promise you won’t regret it.

Amanda McKenzie

Amanda McKenzie


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