First Impressions

I have been abroad several times in my life, but I think today was my first experience landing in a totally new city and directly hitting the streets for independent exploration and lunch provisions. My roommate Amy and I were pretty hungry so we went out in search of something moderately inexpensive to eat. We were first greeted by 2 very familiar sights! Starbucks and KFC go figure. We stumbled upon a little sandwich shop called Baguetterie Boulevard which basically offered a variety of sandwiches made on French baguettes. We felt like we had hit a nice comfort zone spot, but when we walked in the menu was in Czech! I guess that isn’t really very surprising, but we were certainly not prepared for it. Luckily we eventually found an English menu which opened our eyes to the eclectic collection of sandwiches named after places they were based on including “America”, “Brooklyn”, “Switzerland” and more. Some creative picture pointing was needed to select the type of bread and some key assumptions had to be made such as the fact that “menu” is equivalent to “combo” and that “glass” most likely means ice, but eventually we got our sandwiches and they were so good!! Nothing beats fresh bread and a sandwich with 3 types of fresh cheese.

Along the way we learned to say thank you in Czech (sounds like jekuye) and learned that most places are closed on Sundays! We also learned that if something is open Po-Pa it is not open on weekends. Hopefully this will come in handy for the next couple days exploring Prague 🙂

Now its time for many of us to rest up after a long night of flying before our Folk Welcome Dinner which is expected to have local musicians and be at a restaurant Czech kings drank beer at in the 14th century. Can’t wait!

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha Joshi


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