A Festive Folk Dinner

The Hodgson Singers ended our wonderfully overwhelming day full of new sights and a ton of traveling with some traditional Czech culture.  We were greeted at an underground restaurant with Czech food on our tables, unaware of what was yet to come.  During our four-course meal, we were entertained by string folk music as well as singers and dancers.  Of course, we couldn’t understand any of the words they were singing – but this is something I feel like we can kind of relate to.  Many of our audience members don’t understand a lot of the stories we are telling by just our words…they rely on the way we physically and emotionally convey the text.  I feel like I speak for the whole group when I say that it was fun to see someone else doing that for a change!

With an array of personalities at each table, some not as well known as others, we shared a wonderful bonding experience over one of our common passions: food.  Chatting (regardless of how mindless it can sometimes be, especially when some of us have been awake for over twenty-four hours **cough** me **cough**), enjoying the music each other’s company was a wonderful start to the next ten days.  I can already tell that these upcoming adventures will be unmatched by anything else in most of our lives.

Jenna Livsey

Jenna Livsey


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