Checking In at 39,000 ft.


I boarded this plane with every intention of getting a few hours of sleep, yet here I am on hour 8, wide awake and anxious to begin our first leg of the tour in the Czech Republic.

As you may have read, we surprised Dr. Bara with our matching t-shirts after we checked in at Hartsfield-Jackson. And believe me, our fellow travelers on Lufthansa Flight 455 seemed just as shocked by our attire as we boarded the plane. After several inquiries as to why we matched, we settled in to our seats to begin this fabulous journey.

9 hours, 6,000(-ish) mile, two meals, a few naps, countless conversations, and a whole lot of excitement. That was the plane ride for these 45 singers. One short connecting flight left, and we will be at our first stop of the tour: Prague. So, everybody— here we go!

Katie Black

Katie Black


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