The Send-Off: What the Music Means to Us

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I have always felt that there is something about our choir concerts – the intimacy, the beauty, the familial bond, maybe – that bring out the best in people.  Seeing the joy on my fellow Hodgson Singers’ faces after sharing incredible music, hearing the appreciation of loved ones in the audience…  what in this life could inspire you more to be a good person?  Especially when your friend tells you he can’t come to your concert because he is at a “cochlear implant conference” in a different city (which for some reason I didn’t even question), but then surprises you with not only his presence but also gifts.

After tonight’s concert, I realized what I want our European audience to understand about the Hodgson Singers.  For us, choir is a break from our busy lives where we can share emotions and be vulnerable.  It’s an opportunity to be ourselves, and to be around our best friends being THEMselves.  Our concerts are more than just concerts to us – they are a chance to show the world who we are, not only as individuals, but as individuals who come together, let their guards down, and share something they love: music.  This is what I want to bring to Europe, and this is what we practiced tonight.

Our send-off concert was the perfect beginning to the next chapter in the life of the UGA Hodgson Singers.  It was our opportunity to demonstrate the American as well as the “UGA-ian” culture we will be bringing to Europe.  We shared a wonderful mix of repertoire from all over the world, as well as a wonderful mix of personalities that I can’t wait to see blossom overseas.  Imagining how this music will flourish when we perform it in the beautiful cathedrals of Prague, Vienna, and Baden gives me so many wonderful butterflies, especially after seeing it all come together tonight.  Words will never begin to express our excitement over this incredible opportunity.  It’s all going to be in the music we share.

Jenna Livsey

Jenna Livsey


3 thoughts on “The Send-Off: What the Music Means to Us

  1. Jenna, you perfectly capture the spirit of last night’s concert. In the beauty of your blended voices, you expressed the joy and love that music can bring. Of course you get that! I wish you all a wonderful journey together!

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