Pre-Flight Hype


Buffalo chicken dip.  Homemade guacamole.  Chicken AND fish tacos.  A thunderstorm.  And the occasional (but very expected) outburst of song.  Sounds like everything you need for a successful Hodgson Singers Fiesta, right? To unwind after “Europe Boot Camp”, McCall hosted the choir at her lovely abode for the evening. The plan was a potluck fiesta followed by pool time.  So naturally it rained for hours.  That certainly didn’t stop any of us from holding hands and jumping into the water in the downpour anyways (and surprisingly enough, I was warmer in the water)!  We hopped out only to watch Henry win the cook off with his excellent chicken tacos and knock a piñata out of the park as his prize.

It was a very wet but very lovely evening.  When you spend ten hours a week together in rehearsal during the semesters, people are surprised that you don’t get tired of seeing the same people outside of class time.  But we are getting ready to embark on a wonderful, musical adventure, and I think I speak for the choir when I say that there is no one I’d rather be thrown in a pool by than my Hodgson Singers family.  We’ve got tacos down, bring on the schnitzel!  T-minus 2 days until take-off!

Amanda McKenzie

Amanda McKenzie


One thought on “Pre-Flight Hype

  1. Let the adventures begin ! Clearly they ready have. Your Euro Tour will be a sensory feast ! The sights, tastes , sounds, history , and aaahh the music! A shared & magical feast.
    Enjoy it all et bon appetit!!!

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