Cutting The Ribbon

Dear friends,

You know how you can get so busy working on getting ready for something that you forget it’s actually happening?  That is what preparing for this tour has been like.  So many people have worked so hard to get so much done, and it really is astounding that amidst all our preparations we’ve managed to get some REALLY cool things together!  But now all we have left is our final concert, and with it comes a moment for me to sit down and actually think about what an adventure we’re all about to have.  I know everyone of us has said it, but I am super excited for this trip!  And not just for the incredible music we’re about to make, but also for the incredible experiences we’re going to have together.  And this blog is going to show you them all.  Our goal is to take every memory, every picture, every moment, and capture it for those of you back home who have helped us get here.  So I encourage all of you to stay tuned!  The next few weeks are going to be absolutely jam-packed with Hodgson Singers looking for a good time, and I expect we will undoubtedly find it.

Nathan Schreer

Nathan Schreer


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